Steel Fabrication from Ayrshire Steels

Our staff are experts in the custom fabrication of steel product for use throughout the construction, manufacture and energy services. Below are a list of some of the services we provide.


With a sawing capacity of 550mm x 430mm, we can cut steel sections to exact lengths or mitrs cut as required.


Plate profiling

We can profile steel up to 100mm thick from stock. When required we are also able to quickly source thicker material for a range of trusted suppliers.


Drilling & Punching

We are capable of punching or drilling holes up to 50mm diameter in material up to 50mm thick


Painting & Galvanising

We offer the complete shotblasting & priming service and materials can be galvanised and gloss painted if required.


Rolling & Folding

We can now offer plate rolling up to 1250 x 10mm, section rolling up to 40 x 40 RHS and plate folding up to 3 metre x 10mm with our new 150 ton Press Brake.


Plate Shearing

With our present capacity, we can shear plates up to 3 metre wide and 12.5mm thick.

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Steel Fabrication from Ayrshire Steels

Steel Fabrication from Ayrshire Steels

Steel Fabrication from Ayrshire Steels